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Big Opening For Tiny Micro-Condos in Chelsea's Admirals Hill

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Those uber-trendy micro-condos on the Mystic are holding a grand opening this Friday. Yes, Chelsea's nine-unit 305 MicroLofts @ Commoncove will officially open amid a public barbecue and plenty of weekend open houses. What are we talking about here, exactly?

The first thing you need to know about these micro-condos is that they start at $200,000$189,900. Developer Kevin Saba, co-founder of co-work space Commoncove, wants to make this abundantly clear. Per a press release on the grand opening:

Currently there are about a dozen traditional apartments under 500 square feet on the market for sale in the Boston area's best residential neighborhoods, including bedroom communities like Somerville, Cambridge, and Brookline. Only two (2) of those are priced at $300,000 or less. The average price for apartments of this size is approaching $400,000 and over $800 per square foot. Typically such apartments are in dated, mid-rise apartment buildings or were "shoe-horned" out of leftover attic or basement space in legacy single- and multi-family homes.

In other words: If you want new-construction quality and flourishes such as outdoor deck space and parking, look northward to his development in a changing Chelsea's Admirals Hill. Fine. But just how big are the condos? They range from 285 to 445 square feet. How trendy, indeed.
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