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This 18th-Century Federal in Dot Is a Handyman's Delight

Dorchester is no stranger to dreamy fixer-uppers, the sorts of not-astronomically-expensive-by-Boston-standards homes asking only some TLC in exchange for that low, low price. The Federal-style house at 444 Gallivan Road in Dot's Ashmont section is the latest case in point. The bones of the 2,480-square-foot spread date from around 1790, and, while we can't vouch for how much actual 18th-century detailing remains, the spread certainly looks the part, what with a fireplace in every sizable area and larger rooms set in the corners of each floor. But it does clearly need work, something the listing does not shy away from mentioning: "This beauty needs some help." The house is retailing for $489,000 as of Sunday (yesterday). We'll see what happens.
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