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Back Bay, Beacon Hill Fireplaces to Cozy Up to This Winter

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More snow is on the way today for our fair region, making it feel that much more like winter (but, please, dear god, not as much as like last winter!). With weather like this, then, comes the craving for that most primal of residential amenities: the ability to safely make fire. To showcase the better fireplaces about the Boston area, we give you the special winter feature, Burning Desire, and its first installment, which showcases fireplaces within higher-end homes in Back Bay and Beacon Hill. We start with those in 60 Chestnut Street, a 3,282-square-foot Colonial asking $5,480,000 (and in contract) and with a roaring opportunity right there in the master bath.

The $4,699,000 townhouse at 22 Charles River Square also has fireplaces everywhere: the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the master bedroom.

Unit 201 at 134 Beacon Street has two fireplaces: one in the family room, the other in the more expansive living room.

The 2,842-square-foot 3-BR, 3.5-BA in a Victorian brownstone wants $4,290,000.

The oft-price-chopped 91 Mount Vernon Street is the same kind of deal as 22 Charles River Square and 60 Chestnut: There are fireplaces seemingly everywhere, including a furnace-like contraption in the family room (see top photo here). The 5,182-square-footer is all yours now for $4,500,000.

Now have a particularly choice nominee for our new feature? Ping the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline with details. Photos a must!
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