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Five Somerville 1-BRs You Can Buy Now For Under $450K

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Welcome to a semi-regular feature, Price Points, in which we pick a relatively low asking price and a type of home, then scour listings to find the best available options around the Boston area. Today's task: Somerville 1-BR condos for under $450,000.

There are fewer more happening cities in the entire U.S. than our very own Somerville. Huge demand, record prices, the Green Line (maybe) coming through, seismic streetscape changes—it all adds up to a huge, boiling stew of promise. Care to get in while the getting's good? We parsed the earliest listings of 2016 to find 1-BR condos throughout Somerville that are (a) market-rate and (b) in good condition by the look of things. All are under $450,000, which, yes, is cheap for the city.

↓ Unit 1H at 80 Webster Avenue is between Inman and Union squares, and comes with one garaged parking space. The 637-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA also comes with roof access; and there is laundry on every floor of the professionally managed building. The asking is $409,900 and the condo fee is $310.

↓ Out near Alewife Brook Parkway, we find Unit 5 at 63 Waterhouse Street, a 641-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA on the top floor of a four-story building (there's laundry in the basement). The condo fee is $245 and the asking is a low, low $315,000 (though there is a deal pending for Unit 5 now).

↓ Also out near the parkway is Unit 6 at 111 Woodstock Street, a 1-BR, 1-BA over 610 square feet. It has laundry and storage in the basement as well as a private porch; and wants $299,900. The condo fee is $245. (Also a sale pending for this puppy.)

↓ Closer to the center of the city is 400 Broadway and its Unit 8, a 615-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA asking $289,000 with a condo fee of $255. There is W/D in-unit and the spread touts its location to a future Green Line stop (circa 2019).

↓ Unit 1 at 39 Franklin Street is the biggest 1-BR Somerville condo of the lot: 908 square feet. It comes with in-unit laundry and a price tag of $340,000 as well as a condo fee of $219. A contract is out for this number, but you never know.

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