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Boston Condo Prices Jump; Hot Hub Neighborhoods For '16

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DOWNTOWN BOSTON—It's number like these that are helping keep rents high as well: "The median price for condos in nine downtown neighborhoods, South Boston, and Charlestown jumped nearly 10 percent from 2014 levels, to $680,000. Prices for luxury condos — buildings with concierge service and parking — climbed at double that rate, to a median of $1.75 million." [Globe]
BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE—A new report gauges the areas primed for price jumps in 2016: "Zillow predicts East Boston will have the highest home value growth this year at 4.9 percent. North Dorchester followed close behind with a predicted 4.5 percent growth in home value, and North Harvard in Cambridge came after that with a forecasted 4.2 percent growth." []