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Bostonians Over 60 May Be Spared From Shoveling Snow

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If you're like us, you were stunned to learn in the Globe recently that Bostonians 60 and over, as well as those with physical challenges, are required to shovel snow from sidewalks in front of their properties. Do so within three hours of a fresh fall or face a fine. This recipe for a heart attack may be going away soon, though.

City Councilman Tito Jackson plans to introduce legislation today that would exempt people over 60 and those with physical challenges from schlepping the invariably heavy, wet white stuff. The city already encourages such residents to get someone else to do the shoveling, citing the possible health ramifications otherwise. And yet: Boston doled out snow-removal fines to the over-60 set last winter as enthusiastically as it did to everyone else. Stay tuned to see if this winter's any different.
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