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Seaport's Twenty Two Liberty: the Rentals Start Dropping

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One of the most gabbed-about Boston condo developments in recent memory is the Seaport District's brand-new Twenty Two Liberty. Everyone knows that its 111 units have been selling for titanic amounts lately—several for more than $4,000,000 each and at least three for more than $6,000,000. We even know now what these waterfront spreads look like on the inside. Add another twist to Twenty Two Liberty's rollout: the rentals. At least five condos are up for lease and the monthly amounts are, of course, staggering.

The priciest Twenty Two Liberty rental right now is Unit 11A, a 3-BR, 2.5-BA spread over 2,750 square feet and coming with two of the complex's garaged parking spaces. It's asking $30,000 and wants a two-year lease. (That's part of its living room and kitchen above.) Unit 11A sold, incidentally, for $5,145,025.

Then there's Unit 6D, another 2-BR, 2.5-BA covering 1,985 square feet and also coming with two parking spots. It wants a two-year lease at $17,000 a month.

The cheapest available Twenty Two Liberty rental is Unit 3J, a 1-BR, 1.5-BA that wants a mere $4,400. The 1,039-square-footer offers but one parking space and would take an 18-month lease rather than two years. It does not appear to have any water views, either. The other Twenty Two Liberty rentals are also 1-BRs: 5H, which wants $6,000, and 10I, which wants $4,800. Stay tuned for more, we're sure.
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