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Boston vs. NYC Prices: How the Hub Stacks Up Against Gotham

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Real estate research site NeighborhoodX has a new series out that compares neighborhoods in different cities pricing- and rent-wise. One of the first match-ups? Boston vs. New York by average sales price per square foot.

The data was culled from the fourth quarter of 2015; and while New York's Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side dominate overall, Boston takes the No. 3 spot with Beacon Hill's $1,061 per square foot and doesn't let go: Back Bay, the Seaport and the South End rapidly follow. NeighborhoodX goes down the list of neighborhoods and municipalities, to Revere and its $116 per square foot, which is just behind New York's South Bronx at $148.
&183; NY vs. Boston Average Purchase Price/Sq. Ft. [NeighborhoodX]