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South End's 113 Pembroke Offers 'Teenage Suite' Possibility

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Well, this is a new one, at least to us: The 4,537-square-foot, 14-room, bow-windowed Victorian at 113 Pembroke Street in the always-enviable South End comes with a separate apartment described as a possible "au pair or teenage suite." We've heard of the au pair bit before—lots of townhouses 'round Boston offer that—but the idea of dangling the prospect of a separate spread for your 14-year-old is something altogether novel, no? Such an inducement is possible because 113 Pembroke has two kitchens. The townhouse also comes with a front garden, a large deck, two parking spaces and a dumbwaiter. And a price tag of $4,350,000. · South End Rowhouse Duplex Swings For $1M, Connects [Curbed Boston]
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