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Is Dudley Square the Next South End? A Cafe May Tell All

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Roxbury nerve center Dudley Square has long been one of the areas to watch in Boston in terms of change. The opening early last year of the Bolling municipal building, a redevelopment of the old Ferdinand site, and the proposal for a 25-story residential tower across from the MBTA station seem to presage either an exciting new beginning for the area or a lamentable end to yet another affordable enclave within the city limits.

A recent visit to the Bolling building's resident cafe would seem to suggest the latter. Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham discovered a vibrant scene at the eatery, not to mention local owners who employ people from the neighborhood, including high school students. There was one ginormous caveat, though: "But Dudley Cafe is also the kind of place one might see in the South End. And so, while many in the neighborhood celebrate it, they also view it with trepidation."

Thoughts? Are we looking at some kind of South End 2.0 emerging (as the South End itself becomes something altogether different than it was 10 years back)? Or is a nice cafe sometimes just a nice cafe?
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[Photo of the Bolling building in Dudley Square via Mecanoo]

Dudley Square

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