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Boston's Old Northern Avenue Bridge Could Reopen

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The Old Northern Avenue Bridge connecting South Boston to the Financial District dates from 1908. The city closed it to vehicle traffic more than 20 years ago and to pedestrians in December 2014, citing the iron span's deterioration and the lack of means to reverse it. Well! Thanks to the deal Boston struck with a relocating General Electric, there may be quite a bit of funding to repair the swinging beaut and make it pedestrian-friendly (even vehicle-friendly) again.

The Globe's Shirley Leung has the details: "Tucked in the agreement to bring General Electric Co.'s global headquarters to Boston is a commitment from the city to spend as much as $100 million to reopen the Old Northern Avenue Bridge, while the state will kick in $25 million to improve roads, pedestrian walkways, and bike lanes throughout the Seaport District." Details remain sketchy re: any timeline for the bridge's reopening or what it might look like in the end; and Leung notes that we've been here before: There have been numerous attempts to redevelop and strengthen it. Should things click this go-round, the Old Northern Avenue's second coming could not arrive at a better time. The Seaport District on the Southie side of it is booming (it will only get boom-ier with GE's arrival there) and needs some relief from traffic. Stay tuned.
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