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Ritz Carlton Reminds Us Why the Complex Was So Influential

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The Ritz Carlton was Boston's first condo-hotel hybrid, which is exactly what it sounds like: a part-hotel, part-condo complex wherein the condo owners have access to the hotel amenities. The development went up a little more than 15 years ago on the edge of what until recently had been dubbed the Combat Zone in Boston (which was exactly what it sounded like, too). That was bold enough, but then Ritz developer Millennium Partners charged $1,000 and up per square foot for the complex's condos and the rest has been Boston real estate history. Such a sum is not at all that staggering anymore. Case in point is the newly listed Unit 29C in the Ritz's south tower. The 3-BR, 3.5-BA, 2,707-square-foot expanse is asking a cool $1,440.71 a square foot (or $3,900,000 total). As routine as such condo mega-listage has become, a Ritz asking of this magnitude is a lapel-grabbing reminder of the development that kicked it all off. Incidentally, Ritz developer Millennium Partners is the same Manhattan-based concern behind Millennium Tower down Washington Street, which is setting its own luxury benchmarks for Boston, to say the least.
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