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Back Bay's 345 Beacon Has Room for a Piano in the Foyer

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There are surely many awesome things about owning a prime Back Bay townhouse such as the newly listed one at 345 Beacon Street. The garage parking has got to be one; the potential income from the 4,675-square-foot spread has to be another; and the elegance, too, inherent in the townhouse's bones (circa 1873). Yet, if the Campion & Co. listing photos are to be believed (and we have no reason to doubt them), the ample space for a baby grand piano in the more than 225-square-foot foyer is what's truly awesome. How much for the whole shebang (piano not included)? This 12-room house is asking a cool $4,500,000. Are we wrong in thinking that's a relative song for the area and the property? Under $970 a square foot?
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