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Boston Accent Trailer: At Least We're In on the Joke Now

The above segment from NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers, depicting the trailer of a fictional movie called Boston Accent, has been making the social rounds for a few days now.

It is drop-dead hilarious (in our humble opinion) and spot on not only re: Boston brogues, but also the gentrifying nature of the city and its surroundings. Basically, what should make the trailer so funny to insiders is that the cliches it spoofs are just that: tired cliches. We can laugh at the rest of the country laughing at us. Nevertheless, these stock depictions do keep turning up with stunning regularity in popular culture, particularly in films (which only adds to the humor as Meyers' Guy in a Sox Cap in a Southie Bar runs down every recent flick set in some stereotypically gritty Boston). "Why do they keep doing this?," the Boston Globe (faux-)asks in the trailer. We would ask the same thing, especially because nearly every persona caricatured is a throwback, as relevant to today's Boston as the old Central Artery or the nickname "Beantown." Still. Wicked funny.
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