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See a South Boston Victorian Reborn After $220K Renovation

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The 2,400-square-foot Victorian at 43 Old Harbor Street near Southie's east side traded back in early September for an even $700,000 (it was listed for $699,000 six weeks before). The new owner then set about gut-renovating the 3-BR, 3-BA spread with bones in the late 19th century, turning it from something straight out of an anthropological study of 1980s Boston into a sleek condo-ish townhouse that is now asking $5,000 a month in rent. __

Above is what 43 Old Harbor looked like pre-redo (the photos are what they are, apologies). The owner is also open to a sale of the Vic, according to Chad Gaughan, vice president of Goodrich Residential. Presumably, this sales tag would be for more than the $700K sale price and $220K renovation cost combined. Stay tuned.
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