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Renovated Beacon Street Floor-Through Comes w/ 34 Windows

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The 3,100-square-foot, floor-through Unit 2 at Back Bay's 282 Beacon Street comes with a gobsmacking amount of windows on four sides: 34. Such fenestration sheds quite a bit of sunshine on the airy renovation by Cambridge-based LDa Architecture and FH Perry Builder out of Hopkinton. The spread also comes with four fireplaces, at least three bedrooms (maybe four, depending on the need for a home office), and three bathrooms as well as two parking spaces. Unit 2 is new to the market as of Wednesday. And—big surprise—it ain't cheap. The spread is asking $4,150,000 through Chris Anderson at Gibson Sotheby's. That pencils out to $1,338 and change per square foot.
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