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Hub's Toughest Areas for Home-Buying; Best U.S. Bike Lane

CAMBRIDGE—A new survey names the city's Western Avenue bike lane the best in the whole dang U.S. of A.: "This beautiful half-mile project out of the heart of Boston's next-door neighbor has it all: clear separation from both sidewalk and auto traffic; a direct route from a major commercial node and transit hub to a regional network of bike paths; bike signals at the intersections with leading intervals that give people biking and walking a head start to cross." [People for Bikes]
HUB-WIDE—It can be tough buying a home in Greater Boston. It can be really tough in these areas, according to Redfin: "Coming in at No. 1 was Inman Square in Cambridge, with a median sale price of $660,000, 68.2 percent of homes selling over asking and a staggering 96 percent of Redfin offers facing bidding wars. Brighton/Allston was No. 3 ($341,000; 64.3 percent; 92 percent); Somerville's Spring Hill was No. 6 ($619,000; 61.3 percent; 88 percent); and Cambridgeport was No. 10 ($712,000; 69.6 percent; 95 percent)." [BostInno]