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Dorchester's Priciest Home Sale Ever? 21 Mill Street Trades

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Last year saw some big trades in Boston's biggest neighborhood by area. In October, the 2,244-square-foot, 3-BR, 3-BA at 92 Grampian Way closed for $1,010,000. Its sale touched off speculation that the Gambrel across from Savin Hill Park was Dorchester's most expensive single-family or condo sale ever. Then! We caught our breath and reassessed: 60 Ocean Street in Ashmont had sold 13 years before for $1,149,000. But that property included an attached carriage house, so was it really a single-family home? The same, it turned out, went for 92 Grampian, which, while listed as a single-family, apparently included an attached townhouse as well. Well, it turns out the speculation is moot. The Greek Revival house at 21 Mill Street in Dot's Clam Point just closed for a total dwarfing both 60 Ocean and 92 Grampian.

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Twenty-one Mill has 18 rooms and some 6,400 square feet; and its bones date from way back in 1845. There are an astounding eight bedrooms (or seven bedrooms and an office, or some such arrangement); and seven bathrooms, including four full ones. The property was asking $1,295,000 starting in mid-June, and closed on Dec. 28 for $1,275,000. Now, that makes 21 Mill much pricier than either 60 Ocean or 92 Grampian. Like with those addresses, however, 21 Mill also includes separate living space; in this case, a townhouse able to generate more than $2,500 in rent monthly, according to the listing from Declan O'Toole.

So... Is 21 Mill the new reigning price-champ in Dorchester? A further wrinkle: Twenty-four Grampian, an antiquated Savin Hill single-family with an old stable on the property, sold in May 2014 for $1,500,000. The site has since been redeveloped into townhouses. So perhaps 21 Mill is the priciest of Dorchester homes sold specifically as residences, not as redevelopment opportunities. Would somebody please sell a condo in Dot for $1.3M and settle this once and for all?
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