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What a Tiny Toehold in Beacon Hill Looks Like

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One of the last Boston home trades of 2015 was for a 252-square-foot studio in the Victorian rowhouse at 59 Hancock Street in ever-quaint Beacon Hill. To absolutely no one's surprise, the Bushari Group listing touted the condo's location more than anything: "Just across the street from the State House ... easy access to each of the T lines ..." And so on. The brokerage also touted Unit 14 as an investment opportunity or as just a fantastic crash-pad for a weary commuter. The studio was asking a not-cheap $329,900—about $1,309 and change per square foot. In the end, the studio went for $334,000 in a deal that closed Dec. 30. That's about a $5K mark-up from the asking price. Good luck house-hunting in 2016.
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