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Charlestown Brownstone Has Finished Basement, Potential

Not every townhouse in Boston has to be a Victorian wonder suitable for an English earl's Irish son-in-law. No, some can be wonderfully functional, the sort that prospective buyers can look at and say to themselves, "Yup, rip that out first and add that next." The 2,455-square-foot brownstone at 15 Lawnwood Place in Charlestown is just such a townhouse. There is plenty of room for updates and rearrangements, and the dearth of ornate staging in the listing photos seems to suggest that that's a selling point. That and the four bedrooms and the 10-foot ceilings and the Zakim Bridge views from the roof deck and the finished basement. Those are pretty enticing, too. Related: Boston's Most Spectacular Townhouses of 2015: a Gallery

Fifteen Lawnwood dropped on the sales market in early November for $1,295,000. It's currently under contract. Stay tuned for the closing price.
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