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Boston's Skyline Photographed 1M Times From the Same Spot

What happens when someone decides to photograph the Boston skyline more than one million times from roughly the same spot over more than five and a half years?

That is what M.I.T. PhD candidate Adrian Dalca did as part of what he calls his "Boston Timescape Project." Over 69 months and using a variety of cameras, he shot or videoed the same angles of Boston and Cambridge from a vantage about 180 feet in the air (a.k.a. his Cambridge apartment). Some shots are parts of time lapses photographed seconds or minutes apart, while others are standalone. These three photos are a mere sampling of the project's scope. Plenty more images available as well as statistics and background. Enjoy.

· The Boston Timescape Project [M.I.T./Dalca]


Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA