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This Could Be the Year for Millennium Tower's Neighbor

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Back in those prelapsarian real estate days of 2008, the city happily signed off on a 260-unit luxury condo tower to replace four low-rise buildings at Washington and Bromfield streets in Downtown Crossing. The financial crisis made quick work of those plans as did the gnawing hole that was Filene's diagonally across the street. Nothing could get built in that area, it seemed, so why bother trying? Flash forward nearly a decade, and that hole is now the epic Millennium Tower and the financial crisis is something you learn about in school. Does that mean plans for what was called One Bromfield are back on?

New York-based developer Midwood Investment & Development met with city officials in the middle of last year about possibly jump-starting plans for something in place of the low-rise buildings. It's not clear just what that would be, but it seems safe to assume it would be a mix of residential and retail, just like the Millennium Tower complex. There is also speculation that whatever Midwood proposes would be "very tall," though in Boston that could mean just about anything beyond 200 feet. (The above rendering is from that earlier 28-story pitch.) To thicken the mystery, the firm spent more than $18,000,000 in May to buy One Milk Street, a commercial building a block from the would-be One Bromfield. Its plans there, according to Tim Logan at the Globe, "are unclear." Grab a seat, we'll watch this closely.
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