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Twenty Two Liberty: Rare Interior Glimpse, Thanks to PH Listing

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Everyone knows that the 111-unit condo development at 22 Liberty Drive in the Seaport is one of the most luxurious new buildings in Boston. And everyone also knows that its condos have been selling like hotcakes for titanic amounts (several for more than $4,000,000 each, in fact, and at least three for more than $6,000,000). What has remained largely a mystery is what these condos look like on the inside. The Fallon Co., Twenty Two Liberty's developer, has done most of the sales in-house and away from prying eyes. Now, though, thanks to a new Campion & Co. listing for Penthouse 1D, we get a rare, expansive look at the bones of the brand-new address. What we see is a condo, not surprisingly, leaning heavily on the possibility of fabulous views from huge windows. (Architecturally, Twenty Two Liberty hews to that mighty Boston architectural trend of glassiness above all.) The angles are neat and the look is clean; and, really, this particular penthouse could be plunked in any new development in the city's more enviable areas. That suggests location and the building's amenities (24-hour concierge, fitness center, club room, etc.) are driving its mammoth tag. Which is? $5,799,000. That and maybe the two garaged parking spaces.
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