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Somerville’s most expensive one-bedroom condos for sale

Prices a little less astronomical than in Boston or Cambridge

It’s a truism in these parts that smaller does not necessarily equal less expensive. Just look at the most expensive 1-BR condos for sale in Boston and Cambridge.

In Somerville, the truism still hold. Tags in the city would shock anyone not already intimately familiar with Boston-area real estate prices—but they’re not as astronomically pricey as in their neighbors.

Check out the interactive chart below from real estate research site NeighborhoodX. It tracks all of the 1-BR condos for sale in Somerville as of the start of this week (only six!).

By measures of both price per square foot and total price, the condos are pretty reasonable (for our region). And the two priciest are in a newer development—Assembly Row’s Alloy (pictured at top)—which is to be expected.