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What cool things can Boston do to spruce up its streetscape?

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On Thursday evening, Boston turned on the hundreds of LED lights placed strategically around City Hall Plaza. The illumination is not only an attempt to save the city money, but to make that civic tundra a more inviting and safer place.

And, a week ago, work on the latest iteration of the giant Dewey Square mural in the Greenway got underway.

What else can Boston be doing or encouraging to make its streetscape cooler and more appealing? Are certain areas ripe for public art? Does certain infrastructure have to come down (or go up) to better facilitate movement or aesthetic enjoyment? Where should the city and/or private partners plunk a new park or plaza to jazz things up? Perhaps more sidewalk poetry is in order? Another open-air market?

Sound off in our latest Friday open thread. Last week’s on how to improve the T was a real corker. Let’s see what happens this go-round.