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Boston apartment rents: 1-BRs vs. 2-BRs across different neighborhoods

Averages show potential savings from having a roommate

The most expensive areas to rent either a 1-BR or a 2-BR apartment right now in Boston are Back Bay, Chinatown-slash-the-Leather District, the South End, Beacon Hill, and the D Street corridor of South Boston.

That is according to analyses of market-rate listings for 1-BRs and 2-BRs from select neighborhoods by real estate research site NeighborhoodX. The interactive charts of average monthly rents below tell the tale.

One takeaway is the relative value of a roommate in these neighborhoods. Per NeighborhoodX co-founder Constantine Valhouli, the greatest savings from a roommate can be realized along D Street: $2,900 for a 1-BR vs. $3,400 for a 2-BR means that each roommate would pay $1,700—or a savings of $1,200 a month for each over renting a 1-BR solo.

The least savings from a roommate are in Back Bay ($650/month in savings), Mission Hill ($650), and Dorchester's Upham's Corner ($650 again).