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How to save Boston’s Citgo sign

City lays out some guidelines

Boston’s iconic Citgo sign could move from its decades-long perch atop 660 Beacon Street in Kenmore Square, according to city officials.

Developer Related Beal is buying that building, plus eight others, from Boston University and plans to redevelop them into a melange of offices and housing. The developer was under no obligation to save the Citgo sign, which is not landmarked. But an outcry earlier this year virtually ensured the sign’s survival.

Said survival does not necessarily mean atop 660 Beacon, however. The city is laying down parameters that would allow Related Beal to move it to another location—very likely in Kenmore Square—while retaining the 60-by-60-foot sign’s scope and brightness as well as rigging similar to what’s holding it in place now.

It could be a while before the parameters are set. But they will very likely be set. And the Citgo beacon shall reign o’er Boston a little while longer at least.