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What are some of the old-school Boston things you hope never go away?

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Stand athwart gentrification and yell 'stop!'

Change appears to be the only constant throughout Boston and its environs these days.

New developments, including housing and retail, are transforming huge swathes of the South End, the West End, and Charlestown. Meanwhile, the City of Boston itself is preparing for a drastically different place by 2030.

What do you hope never goes away? We’re talking about the old-school things that now seem a vestige of the region’s grittier, punchier past, but that will seem even more vestigial five years or a decade from now.

Are there certain shops, bars, cultural institutions and landmarks, random neighborhood features, quirks of the T, etc. that you hope gentrification never sinks its morbid talons in? Our comments section is wide open.