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What do downpayments cost in cities around Boston?

Including Arlington, Belmont, Malden, and Watertown

It’s one of the highest hurdles for homeownership in the region, if not the highest: the downpayment. Twenty percent of the price is the general rule of thumb in the Boston region, so in Boston proper a downpayment can cost well more than $100,000.

What about in cities nearby?

Real estate research site NeighborhoodX broke down the average listing price of market-rate houses currently for sale in Arlington, Belmont, Malden, Medford, and Watertown. From that data, we can extrapolate what a downpayment costs in each.

First, the average listing prices for houses (not condos):

Arlington: $669,000

Belmont: $1,142,000

Malden: $479,000

Medford: $539,000

Watertown: $629,000

And now the downpayments:

Arlington: $133,800

Belmont: $228,400

Malden: $95,800

Medford: $107,800

Watertown: $125,800

Below are handy interactive charts of the 10 least expensive market-rate houses for sale in each city—to show you all is not lost necessarily.