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General Electric headquarters vote postponed

Delay not likely to effect timetable for Fort Point campus

The Boston Planning and Development Agency delayed its big vote Thursday evening on General Electric’s three-building, 2.4-acre Fort Point campus following a very particular protest from those opposed to the development. Per the Globe’s Tim Logan:

At issue was a paper posting of the BPDA’s meeting agenda, behind a glass case in the lobby of City Hall. Shortly after the meeting began, a coalition of anti-GE activists sent an e-mail to the agency, noting that pages listing several items, including the public hearing on GE, were not visible. They called it "a clear violation of open meeting law," which requires posting in a public place, and asked for the vote to be postponed.

No worries—at least on GE’s part: The vote was seen as a formality and will like be cast before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned.