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Boston’s tallest residential tower to rise in Winthrop Square

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Plans call for 750-foot spire with condos

Boston has cut a deal with developer Millennium Partners to build a 750-foot, 55-story condo tower at the site of the city-owned Winthrop Square Garage downtown.

The tower will be the tallest primarily residential one in Boston—in the United States north of New York City, really. At its tip, it will stretch beyond any building in the city except for the 790-foot 200 Clarendon (the Pru is 749 feet).

That New York-based Millennium Partners—the same force behind the recently opened Millennium Tower, currently Boston’s tallest primarily residential building—is redeveloping Winthrop Square is not news. The terms of the deal with the city are. Per the Globe’s Tim Logan:

... Millennium will pay $10 million upfront for the site, $92 million more when it obtains a building permit from the city, and another approximately $50.8 million as it closes on condominiums in the 750-foot condo and office tower it plans to build on the site of the closed garage. The nearly $153 million total is slightly more than what the company originally offered during the bidding process.

As for what will comprise the tower, the latest plans call for condos on the top 36 floors and offices on the next 14 stories down.

Then, toward the bottom, Millennium intends to construct retail and restaurant space as well as public space that includes a so-called great hall, which the developer is calling "Boston’s living room." The tower would also include incubator space for tech startups.