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East Boston prices: the high and the low ends right now

There’s not much difference, it turns out

The prices per square foot for the most expensive and the least expensive East Boston homes for sale are surprisingly similar, according to a new analysis of market-rate listings from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

Make no mistake: There is a gnawing chasm between the aggregate price tags of the higher and the lower ends. But, when broken down into the better per-foot measure, they’re not too widely divergent going into the fall.

The most expensive listings in the fast-changing neighborhood run from $384 a square foot to $568 a square foot. The least expensive listings range from $341 to $605. The chart below gives the aggregate totals of Eastie priciest and least expensive listings right now. This link breaks down the per-square-foot costs.

"This chart highlights the importance of using different metrics to evaluate a property," according to NeighborhoodX co-founder Constantine Valhouli, "and underscores how, in general, smaller properties like 182 Marion Street can command a higher price per square foot than larger properties even in the same building or neighborhood."