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South End Venetian Gothic townhouse chops price $155,000

Rutland Square palace still clocks in at $3.4M-plus

The 10-room, 3,837-square-foot Venetian Gothic townhouse at 19 Rutland Square in the go-go South End originally dropped on the sales market in March for $3,795,000. The price quickly came down $145,000 and then, in July, the Coldwell Banker listing disappeared from the market.

It’s back. It’s still with Coldwell Banker, but the tag is now $3,495,000. That’s another $155,000 off the asking for those following along at home.

The circa 1860 townhouse includes flourishes such as a grand staircase, an elevator to every floor, an extra-wide living room, and an eat-in kitchen that leads to a private deck. There are also two parking spaces.

What gives?