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New Dewey Square mural will be work of Iranian artist known for surrealism

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Beyond that, we don’t know much about the subject matter

Mehdi Ghadyanloo, an Iranian artist with more than 100 murals to his credit in Tehran, will make his American debut this fall in Boston’s Dewey Square. He will start work this Friday on a solo project called "Spaces of Hope" due to replace Lawrence Weiner’s "A Translation From One Language to Another."

Ghadyanloo’s piece will be the fifth such mural on the 70-foot-by-76-foot Greenway wall since 2012.

As for what his "Spaces of Work" will actually be, all parties involved, including the Greenway Conservancy, are keeping the subject matter under wraps until a formal unveiling at a date yet to be determined.

We do know a couple of things, and can therefore guess at the subject matter—or at least at the artist’s approach. Ghadyanloo’s Tehran work is mostly known for its surrealism. Also, the Greenway Conservancy wanted variations on "perspective" for its newest Dewey Square mural. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the public is invited to watch Ghadyanloo work over the next several weeks.

Dewey Square

Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA