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GE's plans to dismantle Necco Court bridge rile the neighbors

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But opposition probably won’t derail demolition

General Electric’s plan to demolish a pedestrian bridge that dates to the first decade of the 20th century as part of the company’s massive Fort Point headquarters development has upset some locals.

They see the greenish, rusty-looking bridge as a feature of the neighborhood’s industrial past—a past that in part attracted GE to the area, in fact—and would like to see it incorporated as part of the headquarters.

Thing is: The opposition probably doesn’t matter. GE isn’t bound to save the bridge, whatever its history, and the company’s relocation from Fairfield, Conn., to Boston enjoys support from a veritable who’s who of state and local officials. Plus, the bridge is not exactly in the best of working condition, with fire and water damage over the years (and one end of it is walled off).

But! As the Globe’s Jon Chesto points out, saving the bridge might win GE a mess of goodwill from the neighbors and from local preservationists.

The Fort Point Channel Landmark District Commission is expected to offer its nonbinding opinion during an Oct. 13 meeting. Stay tuned.