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Mission Hill’s Mosaic sells all of its condos in under a year

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Closing prices average nearly $1,000 a square foot

In October 2015, sales at Mission Hill’s under-construction Mosaic on the Riverway residential complex got underway. Some 85 of the 10-story building’s 145 units were slated as condos, with 42 of them market-rate and the rest below-market-rate (the remaining 60 units are designated as affordable rentals).

All 85 Mosaic condos have traded and closings have started.

As of Oct. 5, 11 condos have closed at an average price of $928 per square foot, according to That is a not-insignificant sum for the neighborhood, but not all that high by new-development standards in present-day Boston.

Construction on Mosaic at 80 Fenwood Road is expected to wrap shortly. Meanwhile, at least one of those newly minted owners has already rented out his or her condo: There’s a 569-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA asking $3,600 a month. It’s pictured above.