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What changes do you want to see in the T?

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Sound off in our Friday Open Thread

Not too long ago, we asked you which T stop was the worst—and you did not hold back. Now, dear reader, we want to know: What changes would you like to see the state make to the T system? Sound off in the comments section below.

The suggestions are particularly warranted as we pivot into the colder months, when the T really starts to show its age with delays, breakdowns, etc. Regardless of the weather, though, there have got to be little leaps and big bounds that the MBTA, et al, can take to improve and expand service. Right?

Maybe finish one of these long-sought projects? Or add a particular route or connection? Whatever did happen to that monorail idea between North and South stations? Or maybe provide something as simple as a PSA on how to let people off the dang train before you get on it?

The comments section is wide open and money is no object!