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Boston’s tallest residential building reveals what its interiors will look like

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One Dalton to run to 740 feet

The Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences One Dalton Street in western Back Bay will be Boston’s tallest mostly residential building when it opens next year (for a time at least). It will be 740 feet at its tallest point and include 699 feet of habitable space.

As far as imagining what the final product will look like, all we’ve had to go on so far are exterior renderings and construction shots. Now come renderings of One Dalton’s interiors, all courtesy of developer Carpenter & Co. Take a look.

A kitchen in one of the units. ↑

The 50th-floor lounge. New York-based architect and designer Thierry Despont is designing it. ↑

The lobby. Thierry Despont is designing it as well. ↑

The pool (of course). ↑

One Dalton, right, against the skyline. ↑