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Bell and Fandetti townhouse in Harvard Square asking $899,000

It checks all the boxes of the quirky 1970s creations

From 1973 to 1981, architects Doug Bell and Gerald Fandetti designed about 20 clusters of townhouses in Cambridge for a grand total of approximately 170.

Distinctive for features such as levels setting apart rooms rather than walls and a resultant capaciousness, the townhouses (some are deeded as condos) were also considered particularly energy-efficient for the period. There was also a lot of wood and natural light involved; and sometimes a deck, too.

One of those Bell and Fandetti townhouses is now on sale for $899,000 through Gibson Sotheby’s. Unit 5 at 36 Irving Street off Harvard Square checks just about all the boxes: airy; multi-level (and the levels are visible); wood; natural light; a deck.

The 1,302-square-foot 2-BR, 2-BA last traded in 2011 for $648,000. Stay tuned.