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Possible Boston helipad locations include Dewey Square, South Boston, the ocean

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Landing strip part of incentives to lure GE here

It’s an open secret that the incentive package used to lure General Electric’s headquarters to the Boston area included the possibility of a helipad for the convenience of the company’s executives (and the public’s odd use, too).

The details on such a landing strip remain scarce, however, including where it would be located. Apparently, the state is now studying the possibility of a new helipad somewhere in South Boston near GE’s future headquarters in Fort Point.

Dewey Square near South Station and somewhere out on the water on some kind of floating contraption are also possibilities, according to City Councilman Michael Flaherty, who is holding a public hearing Nov. 16 to further vet the idea.

The state Legislature is planning to hold its own public hearings and to issue a report on the project in mid-January. Meanwhile, MassDOT has yet to express a preference of the helipad’s location—and we don’t really know if it will be a helistop or a heliport.

Or if this is the transportation project the city and the state should be that concerned about. Stay tuned.