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M.I.T. picked to build at Kendall Square’s Volpe site

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14-acre spot one of nation’s choicest development sites

M.I.T. has edged out at least six other entities to win the right to build on a 14-acre expanse in Cambridge’s Kendall Square that has often been called one of the choicest development sites in the United States.

The federal government tapped the university after years of speculation and months after a formal request for proposals.

There had been some debate over whether Washington would make the decision before President Barack Obama left office in January. A changeover in administrations could have left the decision up in the air.

As for what M.I.T. has planned for the so-called Volpe site (after the six-building, two-parking-lot Volpe Transportation Center that’s there now), it’s anyone’s guess—details are forthcoming.

But the university is expected to develop a new Volpe hub as well as something(s) else. Who knows, maybe it’ll involve the tallest building in New England? Stay tuned.