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Redone Marlborough Street penthouse comes with flat-screen option in the bathroom

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It’s back on the market, too, after massive price-chop

The penthouse at 227 Marlborough Street in so-much-to-see Back Bay last sold in September 2014 for $1,656,525. It was then “taken down to the studs and rafters” and redone, according to the Lisandra Wilmott listing.

And then the 2,060-square-foot 2-BR, 2.5-BA was put up for sale in June for $3,495,000.

That tag soon swelled to $3,550,000, at which point the penthouse landed a buyer and everything look set for a close sometime in the late summer/early fall.

That deal apparently fell through; and the spread, which includes the option of a flat-screen TV in the main bathroom and a sweeping private deck with dictatorial views, tumbled back on the sales market for $3,390,000 in early September.

It’s now asking a mere $2,995,000.