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10 market-rate Cambridge properties that are actually pretty affordable

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All under $600,000

Like Brookline, Cambridge is not generally the locale that one settles on when one is searching for an affordable home in the Boston area. The People’s Republic is notorious for a limited housing supply that spurs over-asks, bidding wars, and high prices.

But! As this analysis of market-rate listings from real estate research site NeighborhoodX makes clear, there are decent homes for sale in Cambridge at non-astronomical prices.

All 10 of these homes, in fact, are under $600,000 each. They’re all condos, yes, but what did you expect? Houses in Cambridge go for lots and lots.

The most affordable option among the 10 is a 1-BR, 1-BA asking $485,000. The two most expensive are each asking $599,900—one’s a 1-BR, 1-BA at 53 Kent Street and the other is a 2-BR, 2-BA at 159-161 Hancock Street. Check it out above.

A couple of caveats on this analysis: NeighborhoodX did not include two tiny market-rate listings nor one that required a lot of renovation work from the buyer(s).