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10 market-rate West Roxbury properties that are pretty affordable

Especially by Boston standards

The 10 least expensive market-rate homes for sale in West Roxbury range from $197,000 to $459,900, according to real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

Such sums, of course, are quite affordable when compared with Boston as a whole.

The least expensive of the lot is a 589-square-foot 1-BR condo at 116 Spring Street, and the priciest is a 1,688-square-foot condo at 198 Stratford Street with three bedrooms and one full bathroom (it’s pictured above). See below for the full range.

A few caveats on the NeighborhoodX numbers. The analysis excluded studios and properties that cannot be purchased with conventional financing and those with a long-term, rent-controlled tenant in place.

Age-restricted housing and housing designated as affordable were also not included nor were certain listings with incomplete or contradictory info.

Still, the numbers for West Roxbury starkly show that it’s worth looking beyond Boston’s downtown core for a starter home.