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Which Boston-area project are you most excited about? Or not so much?

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Rendering of GE HQ Gensler

‘Tis no secret the Boston region is awash in new development.

From a forest of new skyscrapers to major transit expansions to residential complexes pushing pricing and amenities envelops, the pace of property construction can feel positively breakneck (why, did you read just this week that GE got a big green light for a new HQ?).

So our Friday Open Thread asks: Which one of these new projects has you the most excited? Or, for that matter, which one has you the least excited? Is there a particular reason you’re anticipating development X rather than Y? The architecture? The type of development? The hole it will fill/eyesore it will replace?

At the time, why are you dreading a certain project? What could have been done differently?

The comments section is wide open. Sound off.