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Boston price comparison: What $400,000 buys in Boston right now

Including in West Roxbury, Dorchester, Southie, and Hyde Park

President-elect Donald Trump will earn a salary of $400,000 annually once he swears the inaugural oath in late January. (It was his opponent’s husband, in fact, who raised the president’s pay from $200,000.)

How far does $400K go in the Boston housing market? Surprisingly far, according to our latest Curbed Comparisons.

We begin in Dorchester, where the 2,684-square-foot house at 181 Glenway Street is asking $399,000 after a recent $40,000 price-chop. It’s got five bedrooms, one bathroom, and a fireplace in the foyer,.


Out in Hyde Park, the 1,570-square-foot Suite G at 1391 Hyde Park Avenue is asking $399,500. It’s a 1-BR, 1-BA with parking for two and a 1,700-square-foot private deck up top. The spread was originally part of an artists-only development, but now non-creatives can buy in. The condo fee is $554.


Now to a dead-end street in West Roxbury, where Unit 2 at 23 Goethe Street is asking $399,900 for its 1,370 square feet, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. It’s a townhouse-style spread and has the possibility for a fourth bedroom. The condo fee is $150.


Out in Southie, we find Unit 2, part of a six-unit conversion of 324 Athens Street. It’s a snug 550 square feet, but a proper 1-BR with one full bathroom. The tag? A little steeper than the rest at $449,000. But, keep in mind that as president, Trump also gets $50,000 a year for expenses on top of his $400K salary. The condo fee for Unit 2 is TBD.


Finally, to Roslindale. There, Unit 1 at 95 Neponset Avenue wants $400,000 even. The 1,051-square-foot 3-BR, 1-BA comes with two parking spaces (one garaged) and a condo fee of $220.