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Gorgeous Grampian Way colonial back on the market with a huge price-chop

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Once poised to set a Dorchester sales record

Back in August, the 5-BR, 2-BA colonial at 54 Grampian Way in Dorchester dropped on the sales market for a rather precise $997,999.

That asking was enough to position the gorgeous house dating from 1885 to be the most expensive single-family home sale in Dot history—it just had to go for over its asking a bit.

The price quickly came down, though, by late September to $949,000. Then, on the last day of that month, 54 Grampian disappeared from the market.

Now it’s back for a lot less than before (and with a new listing brokerage, Gibson Sotheby’s). The price this go-round? $899,000. Stay tuned.