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Boston City Hall Plaza joining ranks of cheap ice-skating options

Chocolate fountains included!

Boston’s City Hall Plaza, a civic badlands few venture to unless they have to, is set to become a kind of winter wonderland on Dec. 2. [Update: Due to the unseasonably warm weather—for Boston—the city has postponed the grand opening until Dec. 7.]

That is when the city and TD Garden, the private entity it has contracted to run the whole shebang, plan to launch Boston Winter.

It will include tons of colorful holiday bric-a-brac as well as stalls selling ornaments, etc. There will also be chocolate fountains and an ice-skating loop. A beer hall has already opened.

That ice-skating loop will cost ya, but not much: $10 for adults, a lot less for children 12 and under. The rink joins a plethora of inexpensive venues region-wide for sluicing through the season.