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Curbed Cup first round: (4) Downtown Crossing vs. (13) Seaport District

Two enclaves on the cusp

Downtown Crossing

Millennium Tower, New England’s tallest residential building, opened this year, and now the proverbial hourglass turns over: Will the 60-story spire truly change Downtown Crossing once and for all from a 9-to-5 enclave to a 24-7 neighborhood? Will it get any help from Millennium Place nearby, which itself opened only a few years ago? Or from the attendant retail such as Roche Bros.?

Stay tuned. A lot of folks have been asking these questions.

Seaport District

Dan Logan/Shutterstock

Boston’s Seaport District saw some major developments of its own this year, including the advancement of a three-building complex due to have 735 residences; a key O.K. for a billowy, 124-unit condo building to rise in place of the Whiskey Priest and Atlantic Beer Garden; and the opening of Twenty-Two Liberty, one of the priciest condo debuts in recent memory. Oh, and Boston’s first Yotel moved that much closer to reality.

Will these new developments, with their presumably flush owners and tenants, turn the Seaport more toward 24-7 and away from 9-to-5 (if that)? Again, stay tuned.