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Curbed Cup first round: (3) the Upper South End vs. (14) the West End

So much happening

The Upper South End

Troy Boston

It is impossible to overstate the amount of development planned, underway, or recently completed in the northeastern reaches of the South End. From roughly Tremont to Albany streets and West Concord to Herald streets, at least a dozen major projects are adding around 2,400 apartments and condos—and changing the vibe and the real estate of that part of Boston.

The West End

Onyx Hotel

Just this week came news that the 415-foot, 503-unit Avalon North Station, one of the tallest and biggest new apartment buildings in Boston, had officially opened. It’s one of several new developments, including the 1.5 million-square-foot Hub on Causeway, adding thousands of new condos and apartments—and residents—to the area. Blighted? Far from it.